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Tori Forsyth has released her highly anticipated third studio album, ‘All We Have Is Who We Are’. This comes after the new single ‘All We Are’.

The singer-songwriter launched 2024 with a nomination for the 2024 Q Music Award for ‘Sometimes’, and the release of her previous single ‘Good Enough’, featuring backing vocals from mentor and friend Kasey Chambers.

Opener ‘All We Are’ cracks open the album in rollicking fashion, thrumming bass and drums lifting as Tori’s vocals soar up the register. As Tori says, it’s the track that sets the tone for the entire record.

“It’s about peeling the layers apart to understand that bad things don’t make you bad and good things don’t make you good,” she says. “You just are. And it’s okay to accept all of the parts of yourself. And at the end of the day, that’s all we have to fall back on.”

When asked to describe her third album, All We Have Is Who We Are, Tori Forsyth says just one word: “exhale”. It’s been a long road to All We Have Is Who We Are, an album which dives into the darkness and emerges out the other side into the light, ready to embrace the future.

The album marks a strong return to Tori’s country roots, and she approached the album with one singular intention: to follow what she loved, and settle for nothing less.

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