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Writing from the heart and singing from the soul, surveying the people and land around you and letting stories inspire your creativity and guide your craft. That’s what makes a songwriter genuine and honest and ARIA 21-time Golden Guitar winner Sara Storer has consistently shown she embodies those qualities.


In fact, she’s done that right from the start, more than 20 years ago when she released her first album Chasing Buffalo and a reason why she is widely celebrated as one of Australia’s greatest singer songwriters.


Born in the Mallee in country Victoria, Sara studied at Melbourne University, wrote her first song in Western Queensland, worked as a schoolteacher in a small Indigenous community in Kalkarindji  in the Northern Territory and now lives with her husband Dave and 4 sons in Darwin.


The land, family and an innate and empathetic understanding of what it is to live in Australia are themes that run strongly through Sara’s songs.


Sara has gained a loyal following across Australia and has earnt high praise for her unique and authentic songwriting from the likes of Paul Kelly, Colin Hay, Shane Howard, Josh Cunningham (The Waifs), Kev Carmody and John Williamson who have also recorded duets with her.


Paul Kelly best described Sara’s songwriting talents when he said "You know she's paid attention, heard the bush waking up in the morning, listened to the worries thrashed out at the kitchen table, smelt dry summer wheat up close, dreamed of faraway places in a bedroom with a window on a big sky, driven miles on dirt and bitumen and fallen in and out of love. She's found her own way to sing the stories that are all around her and then inside her bubbling out. She doesn't copy over-emotive, fake sincere twangy country singers from overseas. She's found her own restraint and steel and lets her songs do their sweet, sly work.

Sara is one of a few Australian artists who at a relatively young age, has earned the moniker of ‘legend’. Iconic ARIA Hall of Fame member John Williamson backed this claim up when he said “Sara has a unique way of seeing and expressing her observations of love and life in the bush. She is a songwriter who will be remembered beyond her lifetime.”

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